The Lead Generation

When it comes to lead generation on your website, it all starts with one page; the homepage.

Not only does your homepage set the tone for a good (or poor) user experience, it can also mean the difference between a lead and zilch.

As you know, a good homepage should include a strong CTA and be tested with a few different elements.

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Here are 4 tactics to consider to optimize your homepage.

  • Opt-In forms and gated content: Gated content is all about capturing a lead. Offer something of value to visitors on these pages in return for their contact information. E-books or whitepapers are another example of gated content that you can offer to visitors. Remember to keep your opt-in form short and sweet – name and email should suffice. 
  • Chatbots: Chatbots offer a non-threatening first engagement with your users. If your chatbot is able to help a potential customer, there’s a good chance you’ll get a lead from it. Make sure you program your chatbot to sound as human as possible.
  • SEO: With over 3 billion searches a day on Google, you’d be foolish not to rely on SEO tactics. While the days of keyword stuffing are long gone, don’t sleep on quality, relevant content that’s updated regularly. It may take some time, but it’ll make a difference. 
  • Referral system: How much is a lead worth to you? Some companies offer a discount to previous customers for coughing up a friend’s email address. Do keep a close eye on the KPIs to see if a referral strategy works for your business.

Let Yalo help you optimize your website and create impactful returns. We offer a wide array of creative services from our offices in Atlanta & Cleveland – interactive & development, design system managers, marketing communications and more – that can come into play to make your homepage (and the rest of your website) sparkle like a lead-gen jewel.

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