Star2Star Communications

Digital Marketing & SEM Strategies

The Challenge

This provider of integrated communication and collaboration solutions allows productive people to work together, no matter where they are. Unfortunately, getting the word out to those productive people was, at times, a little like a game of telephone. Star2Star needed help creating and executing on a new customer journey that would attract prospects and turn them into customers more efficiently and effectively.

Our Solution

We thoroughly researched our client’s offerings and their competitors’ in order to develop strong messaging that would stand out and determined that a keyword-based ad campaign was the most effective way to spread that message. Then we created a fully-integrated experience that led prospects from both search and display PPC ads carrying direct, keyword-based messaging to a new site that allowed them to convert easily. The site’s original design enabled multiple personas to self-identify and thus, fast-track them directly to the content the is most relevant to them. The consistent, relevant messaging and impactful, intuitive design that carried throughout this customer journey were a huge hit.

The Fans

The messaging and media strategies we implemented, along with effective ad creative, reduced Star2Star’s PPC spend by 80%, while increasing site traffic by 315% and conversions by 400%.

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