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Capability: App & Web Design and Development

The key to developing a successful website or app is marrying the functionality your users demand with an intuitive design and experience that is both efficient and simple to use. Our UI/UX design and development experts have years of experience in desktop, mobile, and web application design and development and will build a seamless experience for every stage of your users’ customer journey. From auditing your existing website and mobile applications to building enterprise-ready products using the latest design principles, tools, and technologies, our UI/UX designers will work cohesively with the development team to ensure all your specific business requirements meet end-user expectations and provide the desired level of responsiveness, security, and engagement.

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Capabilities & Expertise

Choosing the Right Hosting Platform

An evolving tech landscape, with new solutions and technologies changing every day, can make the decision overwhelming in choosing the right platform. Yalo’s development team brings a wide range of experience to provide guidance to your team while reviewing platforms that line up to your business requirements for usability, authoring, integrations, security and more. We evaluate options with you to select the best option to meet your future goals. 

Working within Your Tech Stack

Our developers are experienced engineers with years of PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and SQL experience. They have in-depth experience building and maintaining legacy environments within existing environments on various platforms. Whether you’re working on WordPress, Drupal, Adobe, Sitecore or Django – the Yalo team will jump in to support your team across your development environments.

Developing Your Solution

Yalo’s development team starts with documentation for your project build – outlining requirements, integrations and timeline to build. Our web design teams in Atlanta and Cleveland work closely with your team to build the right solution for your goals. Our development team works with UX and design to create an experience for your customers and target audience that keeps you ahead of your competitors.

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