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Sentiment Analysis for Actionable Marketing Insights­

Emails, website content and comments, and social media postings – these digital “conversations” happen in an online vacuum of sorts and it’s often difficult to know how your audience is really feeling or what they are really saying about you and your goods and services. This can lead to brand meltdowns, and Yalo wants to prevent that from happening. Our sentiment analysis tools analyze and determine the intent and direction of communications from online customers and followers, using AI and language keys, to give businesses a better understanding of how they are being perceived and valued in the marketplace.

Then we assist in crafting directional marketing communications messages that reinforce positive sentiment or adjust for negative sentiment. Like a sailboat powered by an ocean breeze, course corrections are just part of the adventure.

With studies indicating positive emotions increase the speed and reach of social messages, sentiment analysis has significant value for companies-as-publishers and communicators as well. Our tools can look at crafted communications to ensure that they will have the anticipated impact and effect on your audience that is intended, even before you post them publicly. Sentiment analysis services from Yalo are designed to help brands shine, and to course-correct when there’s been a mistake or misunderstanding that leaves a brand with mud in its eye.

Sentiment Analysis Services for Stronger B2C Engagement

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Directional Content Creation
Confirm your intended sentiment for social media messaging and website content to connect with readers

Customer Feedback Analysis
Understand market/audience sentiment towards your products/services in order to hone your branding messaging

Product Review Insights
Capture the valued product features that your buyers celebrate and appreciate to leverage promotionally

Brand Image Awareness
Monitor your social media by segment for better clarity on consumer sentiment on your valued brands

Regulatory Compliance
identify, extract and understand regulatory, legal and medical documents that traditional data analytics techniques can’t handle

Competitor Intelligence
Compare sentiment on your social media against sentiment towards competitors in order to message strategically

Sentiment Analysis Should Be Part of YOUR Digital Marketing Plan

Natural Language Processing and Text Analysis are Artificial Intelligence techniques for isolating, selecting and measuring the effective nature of unstructured information. (Social media content, reviews, etc.) With these techniques, Yalo’s sentiment analysis tools and service are applied to understand your customers’ feedback (reviews, surveys), to analyze social media commentary, and to assess created website content and marketing campaign messaging and shape it to elicit the right response from readers. It’s the power of AI to interpret your target audience’s words proactively as well as to polish your messaging for a bullseye delivery.

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