Road Trip! 4 Snacks To Take On Your Summer Customer Journey

Summer is here and everyone gets excited about a road trip! This had us thinking, how does the road trip compare to your customer journey? Whether you’re driving across the country, or just to warmer weather – there’s always an attraction or scenic overlook along the way to capture the perfect road trip selfie. These pit stops add to the memories and the journey along the way. As marketers, we like to add to the journey (even the pit stop selfie) to make a brand impression, conversion or create a loyal follower.

I recently spoke at the WPEngine summit on creating a digital experience platform and making the most of your digital presence. Much like a road trip, your customers make stops along the way before they reach their destination! With new tools and technologies emerging every day, I’ve rounded up 4 of my favorite tools to use to enhance your customer’s experience and learn from their journeys:

  1. Hubspot – Marketing Automation
    Hubspot allows you to build beyond email in creating workflow processes to support your reach past your site. From blogging, landing pages, email, marketing automation, lead management, SEO, social media and more – Hubspot easily manages your data in bulk. Hubspot will definitely cover your customer journey and provide you with data to make your Fall road trip the best ever!
  1. Dynamic Yield – A/B Testing and Personalization/ Targeting
    We love a good personalization tool. Dynamic Yield helps companies quickly build and test personalized, optimized, and synchronized digital customer experiences. Using the Dynamic Yield platform will help increase revenue and gain a sustainable competitive advantage with your competitors.
  1. Qualified – Sales Conversion
    Add chat and watch your engagement grow! I love the idea of conversational marketing and creating a real time connection for your customers. The Qualified platform enables more than just chat on your site to engage visitors, generate leads and build a connection. Tools like Qualified create efficiencies for your team and make life easier.
  1. FullStory – UX/UI Optimization
    You just need to see FullStory to become a fan of this tool! As marketers we sometimes fall into the trap of ‘we just know’ – but learning from your customers and seeing their steps in action help you learn and build a better digital experience. Fullstory provides recorded sessions, dashboard metrics, fail points across your site and funnels to help build your customer journey.

Have another tool or tip that adds to the journey? Drop us a line, we’d love to hear about it! Did we mention that Yalo offers FullStory for digital experience intelligence that leads to deeper engagement and conversion? We just did!

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