Reality Mix Masters

Microsoft and Samsung recently announced their new Windows based Mixed Reality(aka VR/AR) offering, HMD Odyssey. Sporting integrated headphones, a 110-degree field of view, 90 Hz refresh rate and coming in at $499.99, this can easily be considered thepremium Windows Mixed Reality HMD thus far. The cherry on top though…the display specs are crazy good! Dual 3.5” AMOLED display with each one pumping out 1440 x 1600 resolution. Look out Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE, you’ve got some serious competition here! Is it time to start taking this whole VR thing seriously? 

These Windows based Mixed Reality headsets are being offered by several different companies, at varying price points. Acer-$299, Dell/Lenovo-$349, HP-$450, Samsung-$499 and Asus-$535. This new line of HMDs is just another signal that VR/Mixed Reality/AR is here to stay. The competition is clearly heating up and the pricing will continue to come down. In a world that is clamoring for more experiential marketing, now is the time to start giving VR/Mixed Reality/AR a good hard look. This technology is shaping up to be an essential marketing tool of the future. 

Early adopters have already started leveraging this technology, creating new ways to reach their audiences. For example, Wendy’s recently sponsored Fox Sports’ social VR live stream experience for the Notre Dame vs Michigan State game. Users of this social VR app could hang out and watch the game in a virtual, Wendy’s branded, suite with their Facebook friends. Another big brand name, Audi, took things to the next level with their Audi: Enter Sandbox VR experience…check it out!

B2B companies need to start jumping into the VR action as well. Training and simulation are perfect areas to leverage this type of tech. It seems like there could be solid potential on the recruiting side of things for corporations as well. And these days, a majority of your buyer’s journey is done digitally. What better way to differentiate your brand and help move them along that path than with an easily accessible VR experience?! It’s an entirely new medium to tell your company’s story, and let your prospects engage with your product/service in fun, interactive environment. Trade shows, job fairs and customer experience centers are great places for B2B organization to test the VR waters.

If you haven’t yet tested a quality VR system, it’s about time you did. Go get mixed up in this new reality! 

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