Sodexo Vital Spaces

The Challenge

Sodexo, a food services and facilities management company with 4oo,ooo+ employees and a presence in 80 countries, partnered with Yalo to overhaul the user experience and design of their Vital Spaces initiative. Within a tight timeline, we delivered wireframes, prototypes and designs for the new responsive site launch.

Services Provided

  • Content Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Prototypes
  • Site Design
  • Wireframes

Our Approach

Yalo created a new UX and UI based on a modular system of repeatable components. This allowed us to re-use these components throughout the site to speed up the build process and execution. In addition, it resulted in the client having the tools in place to build entirely new pages using this framework without the need for new wireframes or designs in the future – their own custom content management system, per se.

User Experience

Yalo provided wireframes and prototypes across all pages on both desktop and mobile screens and continued to quickly refine based on client feedback. Prototyping with InVision DSM allowed us to provide a central area for review and comments as well as to test multiple UX interactions for navigation across devices.

Branding Considerations

With the basic experience well established, it was time to bring the Vital Spaces brand to life. Repeating logo elements and shapes helped reinforce the brand throughout the site design. The plus mark was used in a variety of ways in headlines, backgrounds and patterns.

Knowing the Vital Spaces site would be living within the Sodexo main site, we needed to strike the right balance with branding. The site needed to feel like it was for Vital Spaces yet still complement the Sodexo brand. 

In order to satisfy both requirements, the Vital Spaces color palette was utilized throughout all of the content within the pages while the Sodexo colors were maintained within the new sub navigation developed. 

A Seamless Addition

We designed a sticky navigation that would work in conjunction with the existing Sodexo system. Our call to action was baked in and followed the user as they scrolled the page. Our mobile navigation utilized a swipe-able menu that was unobtrusive yet easily accessed.

Built for the future

Multiple options were created with the future in mind. Article lists and pages were created with the content that would be available at launch as well as future-state versions with large amounts of content and systems in place for filtering and pagination. 

The Results

The site launched on time and Sodexo was thrilled with the work. We continue to support these efforts and more as part of our ongoing relationship.

If your business is in-need of a vital digital transformation, why not reach out to us below and learn what Yalo’s tribe of talented creatives can do for you.