M&T Bank

The Challenge

M&T Bank is a top-25 bank headquartered in Buffalo, NY, with over 760 branches. They partnered with Yalo to create more personal website experiences for customers and online shoppers. Yalo’s financial services marketing team began by designing a collection of personalized homepage experiences for distinct audience segments. Our UX solution needed to delight customers on the front end but also be scalable on the back end so it could be leveraged by other business units across M&T.

Services Provided

  • Content Development
  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Design Systems
  • DSM
  • Marketing Communications
  • Prototypes
  • Site Design

“We needed a scalable solution that was personalized and easy for customers to use. It sounds like a clear cut ask but we have an incredible amount of business units to accommodate. Yalo did far more than design and dev work. They know the right questions to ask to keep things moving quickly.”

M&T Bank Executive

Our Approach

Yalo’s creative team designed the new home page experience around a modular framework perfect for variable information. Images, headlines and supporting copy aligned with M&T’s newly branded voice and visual feel. Several versions of the new page were created accounting for dynamic content being pulled in from both customer type and user data. Each main customer segment received targeted content most relevant to them. Content included variations on targeted marketing, specific M&T services, community and customer stories, and tailored resources and insights.

Flexibility First

Yalo designed home page components and modules that could be reused and reconfigured in a variety of ways across the site. This allows for rapid page building and deployment within Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for a variety of M&T business units that can now author new pages quickly and confidently. Tying these components to the styles and assets created in InVision DSM has also led to speed gains in both wireframing and prototyping as we continue to assist on building other areas of the site.

Animations and Interactions

Interaction designs were created for logins, warnings, search, forms and modals. Transition and interaction animations were developed to create a more delightful experience that also wove in the new M&T voice and feel.

Preparing for Launch

Wanting to ensure users coming to the updated site for the first time were aware of the changes, Yalo developed a comprehensive marketing communications launch plan. We put together a content strategy to soft launch the new experience including site-wide banners and callouts, consumer-facing emails, and an internal video preparing customer care for the changes to the user experience.

Yalo’s financial services marketing incorporates UX, content, design, brand strategy and more to boost the success of clients like M&T Bank.

The Results

The new website is approachable, engaging and accurately reflects the M&T brand and core values. Content is personal for each unique user, providing clear direction to easily navigate the site. Users can quickly access the information they need, click CTAs to complete a transaction, and connect with the right M&T person to help with next steps. Yalo’s Financial Services Marketing team continues to work with M&T’s Retail, Small Business, and Commercial teams across the company to map buyer journeys – leveraging existing modules to quickly capture and share marketing messages.