The Challenge

Manufacturing giant, Kimberly-Clark is a large organization with development agencies working around the world. The company had little brand control in place, disparate designs, and inefficiencies in their digital design processes. They needed a new design process and design system manager to protect their brand identity as well as to support their size and vast locations. Yalo knew that InVision DSM fit the bill and would work well for their design and brand management needs.

Services Provided

  • Design Systems
  • DSM
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • User Personas
  • UX Audit

With Kimberly-Clark’s distributed network of design agencies all over the globe, our brand team was finding it nearly impossible to maintain control of the K-C Brand.


Our Approach

Using InVision DSM and other tools, Yalo built a design system and process workflow to create a single source of truth, ensuring design and development consistency, reduced design debt, and ultimately a sped-up development time table.

An Integrated Program

The Design System Manager is the backbone for the entire Governance process, drawing upon elements from each layer/level. It drives efficiency and streamlines the brand management and design process. InVision DSM is a powerful design system manager tool that was at the core of our work with Kimberly-Clark.

Research & Discovery

We began by interviewing stakeholders across teams in development, brand and creative to capture current challenges and clearly define what success would look like for Kimberly-Clark. Yalo created personas for members across these different areas to capture varying pain points, drivers, and success factors for designing at scale. Current technologies and processes were documented to ensure any new process was comprehensive.

Diving In

Utilizing aspects of Sketch, Figma and InVision DSM, and InVision Cloud, Yalo defined a repeatable and scalable DSM solution for global asset management. The design system manager allows for version control, roles & permissions, documentation, and change management capabilities.

New workflows took into account software and processes necessary for the K-C design and development process.

Yalo defined version controls and roles and responsibilities for the K-C team to maintain their single source of truth.

With Digital Yalo’s help, we were able to build a design system that is very easy to use and will not only help maintain that Brand control, but assist in the speed to market of our digital designs – which is critical.

User Experience Executive


With the design system manager completed, K-C is excited about upcoming projects the DSM can be utilized for and we are working with them to onboard agencies to their new process. K-C has been thrilled with the work, declaring it a “wonderful foundation,” and we are actively exploring new DSM opportunities within the K-C brand portfolio.

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