The Challenge

Looking for the right partner to help support their growing business needs, Boosterthon needed a one-stop-shop agency for website development, creative strategy and ideation for what was next for their education fundraising programs.

Yalo was asked to migrate Booster’s website into HubSpot’s platform, designing fresh new pages to align with new branding, and provide a creative foundation for social communications.

Services Provided

  • Communications
  • Content Development
  • Copywriting
  • Site Design
  • Social

Our Approach

Yalo’s technical team took on the challenge of migrating a legacy Ruby on Rails environment into HubSpot. The shift provided an all-in-one platform to support Booster’s digital presence. Yalo’s creative team continued to evolve the Booster brand laying the visual foundation across their website and social channels. This approach gave Yalo the opportunity to support Booster’s mission, values and schools across the US.

Hubspot Migration

Moving fast and efficiently, Yalo took something complex and made it simple. Boosterthon was looking at an intimidating tech stack with multiple environments, languages and APIs in play. Thorough documentation gave the team a clear roadmap for a successful migration. The transition to a new platform was seamless and completed in time for the 2020 school year.

Boosterthon Careers Build

The new website switch allowed for a robust build of the Booster Careers site. Yalo’s design team created new templates to showcase Booster’s culture, perks, benefits and open positions across the US. Designs in hand, the development team got to work with an integration to Workday to showcase open positions. Creating a proud showcase of careers to fill positions in widespread markets.

Creative Social Foundation

Creating consistency in templates across strategies and tactics for social channels can be a challenge. Yalo’s creative team worked alongside Booster to create a social foundation for their content pillars. The outcome was easy-to-create, build-and-use templates that represent the Boosterthon brand and celebrate the communities they support.

Volly Awards Site

Booster is always searching for innovative ways to support schools, their teachers, administration, students and parents. With this in mind, the Volly Awards were created to celebrate parent volunteers that provide a huge support to school staff and Booster fundraising efforts. Yalo designed and built this site to bring their idea to life.

The Results

Confetti is on brand for Boosterthon and Yalo is ready to shoot the cannons! A new site with technical security, fresh social creative and on-brand designs to drive engagement, Booster continues to innovate and make an impact in schools every day.