Today’s current business situation has challenged us to think of new solutions to open up the lines of communication—and fast. It’s uncharted territory, but we believe the tools are available to make it happen. You just need to know how to use them.

Before you cancel events or curb your marketing plans, let’s think through ways to meet some of those in-person demands through virtual business methods.

Virtual events.

Build an online audience with a virtual, but live event. We help brand and execute live-streamed keynotes, live product launches, live Q&A, customer roundtables, virtual happy hours and concerts. Yalo’s Virtual Events as a Service is a turn-key solution, allowing you to pivot into hosting virtual events in just a few weeks. Our solution delivers an engaging and entertaining event to get your audiences’ attention and more importantly, keep their attention throughout the event.

Complete Flexibility.

Put your Brand center stage at your virtual event with a completely customized and flexible user experience – not just a logo in the corner of a bland template or a limited set of functions like the other platforms.

More than a Platform.

Don’t go it alone! Let Yalo’s White Glove Service partner with you every step of the way. We can help you plan and execute the perfect event – right down to technical support on the big day.

Make it a Total Experience.

Let Yalo help you plan the complete experience – from the emails and social posts before your event, to the special interactions of the event itself, to the meaningful follow-ups – it should all feel seamless to your attendees.

The Power of Yalo.

With Yalo, you are working directly with people to partner with and build your event, it’s not just an online system with a customer service contact. With everything riding on your event, it’s reassuring to partner with a full-service marketing agency focused on your success.

Stay on Track.

Unlike in-person events, virtual solutions enable you track marketing successes in real time. Capture your attendee’s title and interest by monitoring where they spend their time during your event.

Get social.

Branded swag bags are a tangible way to connect people with your brand. Send before or after events to create a physical connection with attendees. We’ve created solutions for custom, branded content that includes digital, trackable (and drinkable) touchpoints.

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