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Yalo Takes Clients To New Dimensions

Agency Makes Spectacular Impact With 3D Projection Mapping Video

ATLANTA — August 1, 2017

A global, B2B manufacturing organization wanted an innovative, immersive way to show consumer packaged goods companies how a consumer package can truly come to life. Partnering with Digital Yalo, a 7-minute 3D projection mapping video was developed that tells the end-to-end story by intricately blending live-action video, product graphics, holographic rendered objects, and experiential animation.

Experiencing packaging from innovative concept through the entire lifecycle demonstrates how they create first-in-class products for their customers – through the lens of industry 4.0.

The first of its kind, this 3D concept of presenting products and processes demonstrates the complex creation of modern day packaging in a very unexpected way. Customers can live the journey, be immersed in the data, and develop a real sense of how value is created.

Yalo’s creative expertise helped its client execute its vision through detailed storyboarding, scriptwriting, video sequencing, and studio collaboration. Yalo has been their strategic creative partner for the last three years and has deep knowledge in technology manufacturing, therefore, able to provide insightful guidance.

“Yalo’s vision for 3D and VR technologies allows us to help customers tell their stories and sell their products in a more engaging way.”


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