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The New Getting Paid to Play Approach


Atlanta, Georgia—January 2, 2020—Work hard, play hard. Easy to say, but to formally invest in this motto is something entirely different. Yalo, a digital marketing agency based in Atlanta, has always taken a unique approach to solving its clients’ problems. Using music, sports, and roll-up-your-sleeves life experiences to inspire their creative ideation, Yalo kicks off new projects by asking a client to choose a “Soul” song that best represents the attitude and emotion to attack their current business challenge. Now, with the agency’s new Concert Benefits program, their Tribe will actually get paid to experience more of what inspires them to think outside the box. Specifically, when given the chance to take in live music.

In 2020, Yalo will start offering a Concert Benefits Program to all employees. Book your favorite concert and get reimbursed.

“A Newsweek study that proposed attending concerts could help you live longer was a powerful statement for us. So, I figured, who better to validate this theory than Yalo?” says Yalo CEO and founder, Arnold Huffman. “Black Keys, Kiss, Public Enemy, Eric Church, Childish Gambino—we have very eclectic taste in music. Those differences on our team are what keep us moving forward and coming up with new ideas for our clients.”

The new benefits add more opportunities to an already vibrant Yalo tribe. Their depth of development, design and all things digital is balanced by what they do off the clock. The team is made up of musicians, farmers, theatre performers, and even a dad who coaches all four of his kids’ sports teams.

“Each team member brings a different skill set to the table. We believe our ability to think creatively when solving problems for our clients is a direct result of what we do both in and outside of the office,” adds Huffman.

Since announcing this new benefit at the most recent company off-site, some of the concerts already booked include Snoop Dogg, Motley Crue, Ozzy Osborne, Yacht Rock, Joan Jett, Poison, The Yawpers, Def Leppard, Eagles and Coachella. Want to see where Yalo is headed next? You can follow Yalo on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

About Yalo

Since 2013, Yalo has been transforming brands by injecting soul and passion into their digital presence. We are a full-service agency that draws from film, art, music, and sports to create unique customer experiences. Our team of strategists, creatives, technologists and account executives has the chops to develop the best solutions for our clients and their customers across a variety of traditional and new media formats and platforms. Yalo is based in Atlanta, Ga. and Cleveland, Oh., with outposts everywhere you are.


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