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Digital Yalo’s Virtual Trade Shows Platform Gains Online Ground


What began as a pivot is now a solid stance for many companies. As more businesses look for ways to connect with and sell to consumers in this time of social distancing, Yalo’s Virtual Events platform continues to gain ground. 

Yalo’s Virtual Events platform began as clients found themselves facing canceled trade shows and conferences. Any organization planning an event or conference needed a turn-key solution that powers a branded, collaborative virtual environment where the transfer of ideas is still possible for all attendees, speakers, and sponsors. They also needed a partner that knows how to run a virtual conference. Yalo offers both.

“We fully customize an online environment to match the look and feel of our client’s event and brand,” says Digital Yalo CEO Arnold Huffman. “It allows attendees to immerse themselves in our client’s brand, their products, and their people without the distraction of a crowded trade show hall. Those who attend are truly engaged customers.”

Partner or client events generate a ton of interest in products and services that easily could go un-noticed through traditional marketing methods. Companies often count on the bump in sales that follow, and a virtual trade show is an opportunity to still generate high levels of interest through demonstrations and interactions.

Additionally, most attendees have already allotted the time on their calendars for these marketing events. Without the added travel time required to get to the physical convention location, virtual trade shows actually present the opportunity for higher attendance. There is also significantly less risk to employees being out of the office which, we have found, sits well with HR.

Yalo’s custom, online environment enables delivery of content such as keynotes, demos, exhibitor booths, and even virtual happy hours only accessible by those who have registered and paid for the experience. Attendees on both sides of the screen know who they are interacting with, which also enables our clients to capture real-time data to track and enhance a user’s experience. To learn more about how Yalo can customize your Virtual Event pre-event, during the action, and post-event, visit  

About Yalo

Since 2013, Yalo has been transforming brands by injecting soul and passion into their digital presence. Our full-service creative & marketing agency draws inspiration from film, art, music, and sports to tap into real, human experiences that elevate our clients’ brands. Yalo is based in Atlanta, Georgia. and Cleveland, Ohio – with outposts everywhere you are. Let us help you to thrive in the virtual arena with stellar online events and virtual tradeshows and conferences – during and post-Covid-19. Our virtual events platform is here to stay – all the world really is your stage.

Contact: Arnold Huffman, CEO, Yalo| 216.533.5840