Pop Culture Flavors

Film, art, music and sports (FAMS) are the realms of pop culture that fuel our fire as a creative branding agency in Atlanta & Cleveland. FAMS act as the inspirational ingredients in Yalo’s own unique marketing mixture, as well as in the brand experiences we cook up for our clients. Our recipe produces work that is not only engaging to your audiences, but also gives your brand that memorable, entertaining flavor that lingers long after being consumed. Good brand strategy “tastes” great!

Here are some fresh FAMS, curated by Our Tribe, to inspire YOU to discover new marketing flavors for your brand.

Bringing Back a Hit

While you don’t want your marketing to fall into that boring, rinse-and-repeat pattern, sometimes a perfectly timed throwback is exactly what you need to bubble up some instant buzz for your brand. El Camino was the perfect way to revive an all-time great series and give Breaking Bad fans the epilogue they were craving. Watch it on Netflix and then listen to this *SPOILER ALERT* segment of NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour to dig into the breakdown of the movie.

Unique & Unexpected

If you’re not defying the status quo and trying new things then you won’t fly very high. Mixing in some unique and unexpected content will keep your audience locked in with your brand. An unknown artist went viral after giving LeBron James’ Insta account the giraffe-filter treatment. Check out LeBron’s actual Insta, @kingjames before visiting @leraffeejames. You can learn more about the artist’s inspiration here.

Influencer Appreciation

Giving props to those that helped pave the way for your success is never a bad look. Take some time to learn about the original influencers in your life and show them some love. Rolling Stone magazine ranked Robert Johnson fifth on their list of “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.” Some say he sold his soul to the devil for his mastery of the guitar. Artists like Eric Clapton, Robert Plant and Bob Dylan have all considered him a major influence in their own musical styles. Robert Johnson’s short – murdered at the age of 27- life wasn’t very well documented…until now. Check out the newly released, Up Jumped The Devil to read about this original rock and roll influencer’s life and death.

Analog Isn’t Dead

Baltimore Orioles

We tell our clients and prospects this all the time – analog formats aren’t dead! These analog (or offline) executions can sometimes offer that extra bit of personal touch that is needed to truly convey your message. MLB’s Baltimore Orioles penned handwritten thank you cards to fans after racking up 108 losses this season. Read more about how the O’s took their PR director’s idea and ran with it.

Respect the Drip . . . Your Drip

You put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into your work, so don’t forget to take the time to celebrate your achievements and use the victories (both big and small) as motivation to keep winning! Simone Biles now holds the record for the most World Championship medals (25), as well as the most gold medals (19) in World Championship history for an athlete of any gender. And she’s not even done! Biles now turns her attention towards the 2020 Olympics in Tokyonext summer, where she will look to amp up her Olympic medal count.

So, if you ever find that your brand’s marketing favor leans towards the cardboard-y side, then consider the inspirational ingredients being used in your marketing mixture. Maybe you just need an extra pinch of pop culture. Or help from some full-time Yalo brand strategists – we’re cooking with gas and we’ve got flavor to burn. Give us a call analog or digital-style and we can share some of our favorite branding recipes with you.

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