Pistons Firing As One Team

As a small organization, I believe you must acknowledge the good days and successes, as well as the tough days and challenges. 2018 presented Yalo with both good days and tough days. However, we were fortunate to have an abundant number of good days and successes in 2018. We amped up our 2017 TAG Agency of the Year award, and it served us well. We pushed the boundaries of our tag line “Defy. Fly.” with our clients and it served us well. So well in fact that we had matched our 2017 numbers by end of June, which positioned us for a breakout finish to 2018. We finished 2018 at a very successful +43% YoY!

So, when it came time to plan our 2018 end-of-year offsite, I wanted to celebrate our team, their resilience, and their tenacity for a resounding rebound from 2017. What better place to celebrate than New Orleans? We all shipped out in early December from OH and GA and planted our New Yal’ins flag in the French Quarter for two days of hard work and soulful inspiration. Like all our meetings, New Yal’ins was no different than previous meetings . . . they are wide open, all comments welcome, no holding back type of gatherings. I believe in full transparency, and so we covered a lot of ground, including both the good days and tough days.  This way everyone knows exactly where we have been, what we accomplished, where we are going, and that everyone has their share, their workload to pull. We rely on every piston firing as one team at high capacity, packing a powerful punch into every client and every day of work. For Yalo, we were a well-oiled machine in 2018.

I am very proud of the team and culture we have built. Everyone trusts each other, everyone supports each other, and everyone is DIY GSD (Do it yourself, Get sh*t done — which is our company motto). I believe our culture allows every individual to excel in their own way, putting their best foot forward every day to create unique, atypical marketing solutions for our clients.  And when all pistons are firing as one team, that makes each day exciting and exhilarating.

So as Yalo heads into 2019, we are positioned for growth, for strength. We have hired additional powerful pistons onto the team to accelerate our growth and strength. We have great relationships (even partnerships) with our clients. We have a strong tailwind driving us forward. We have a clear outlook for 2019, and when we have done our job to the best of our ability, we will grow again by 40%-50%. The Yalo Tribe is poised to kick a lot of ass in 2019.

So our new hashtag for 2019 is . . . #HereWeCome

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