Our Tribe

Savannah Kopp

Account Coordinator

Savannah graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Marketing. She grew up in the world of club volleyball, where she learned many of her life skills; teamwork and perseverance. She continues her commitment to the sport by coaching club volleyball for 12-year-olds. Savannah loves to make everything a competition, even if that means who has the “best” Asana board. She has a passion for building strong customer relationships and setting a high bar in meeting their needs.  In Savannah’s free time, if she isn’t on a volleyball court or shopping at Lululemon, she is playing with her mini dachshund Rick.  She has a drive for all things in life.

Take a look at our many creative services we offer our clients, and visit our Work page to see examples of projects we have created for successful companies in the past. Savannah and team work diligently to make each and every customer experience a positive one that ends in a slam-dunk! Or a net-spike to use volleyball lingo.