Robert Walker

Group Account Director

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“Find advocates. Advocates adopt your cause and make it their own, feeling like an inevitable part of your team. They bring future-focused resources and fresh perspectives that take you from whiteboard to winning, if that’s where you want to go.”

Robert spent the majority of his career on the client side, serving as a leader on a high-growth in-house marketing team. In fact, it’s how he was introduced to Yalo—as a client. Blown away by Yalo’s client-first attitude and a penchant to solve any problem their clients had, Robert saw a kindred spirit in Yalo’s creativity, relationship-building, and reliability. He brings years of experience leading creative teams, driving strategic goals, building roadmaps to success, and sharpening his rapier wit. 

His love for his beautiful family, finding common ground with people, and the Oxford comma is unwavering.