Our Tribe

Maggie Tyma

Sr. Account Executive

Maggie has spent her entire life playing sports, and 4 years as a college soccer player. She carries the skills, lessons, belief and commitment to results she’s acquired from her career as an athlete to her work every day. She believes in an intricate level of communication and collaboration, adaptability, personality and focus, and brings her deep desire to excel to every client, project or task. On top of sports, she has studied as an actress and is a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild. The marriage of her analytical and creative side helps her produce the best possible results. Those results are separating extraordinary from ordinary and delivering exceptional solutions to her clients. In her free time you can see her on the soccer field, on the stage or behind the camera.

Take a look at the cadre of creative services that Maggie and team deliver to our clients on a daily basis here at Digital Yalo. Then, please visit our portfolio section to see examples of the great work we’re doing to help build better brands everywhere across America!