Kenny Wuerstlin

Sr. Graphic Designer

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“You need a quote? From me? Ok. One sec, let me think of something. It’ll be good. When do you need it by?”

Since 2008, Kenny has been designing, designing some more, and designing after that. Fresh out of college with a handy music degree and fully aware that the world did not need another below average clarinet player, he began his career as a graphic designer. Starting as a sign designer and fabricator, he later worked extensively on the client side for the leading chicken finger based QSR brand, Zaxby’s, where he led an in-house team of graphic designers. There is where he sharpened his passion for brand identity and built Zaxby’s visual identity standards, refreshing its logos, typefaces, tone-of-voice, and personality. He continues to bring that same passion for graphic design and brand identity at Yalo.

Kenny lives in Athens, GA where he and his fiancé enjoy live music at the 40 Watt Club, fine-dining at Waffle House, hiking outdoors, watching movies indoors, and feeding, petting, & cleaning the litter box of their cute cat – Tilly.