Erica J. Hawkins

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“If I have enough time to discuss what I’m talking about, then I’m not doing enough.”

Erica J. Hawkins was born an Army brat.  She credits her creative spirit to the lifestyle – before graduating high school, she had called Missouri, Chicago IL, Kirchgoens Germany, Arizona, Grafenwoehr Germany, Pittsburgh PA, Birmingham AL, and Atlanta GA home at one point or another.   The variety of her young life encouraged her to see endless possibilities in all that she does.  Her father retired from the U.S. Army one year after she entered Howard University to study Fashion Merchandising in 2007.  She completed her degree requirements, earning a Bachelor of Arts, in 2011.

She was a recognized student leader at Howard University.  She was a member of the Student Council and a contributing graphic artist of the Howard Hilltop (the university’s daily newspaper).  She was most recognized, however, for her involvement with the Black Retail Action Group (BRAG).  As BRAG President, Erica brought significant attention to the organization through her passionate promotion of BRAG campus networking events, community service, and off-campus fashion industry activities. 

Erica has contributed to several websites, including Fashion News Live, and has her own personal blogs, “My Life as an Intern” and “Beautifully Twisted Mind”.  She actively updates the latter which originally presented a daily sketch which brings to life Erica’s thought of the day related possibly to a contemporary event, an emotion, or maybe something she overheard.  The sketches offer a bit of eccentric intrigue as the story behind the picture is not always immediately evident – which is why the commentary adds to this fascinating satirical mix of spectacular art work and raw emotion.  The blog has evolved to a fashion editorial where she post music videos supported by photo layouts that further express the emotion of the featured song.

Erica loves to spend time with friends in her spare time.  She equally enjoys alone time drawing, listening to music of all genres and further testing her abilities to express abstract concepts visually.