Brad Rehak

Account Supervisor

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“The mind of a consumer is unavoidably bombarded from all directions every day—and it is our job to make these moments mean something.  By simply asking if the content created will ‘impact and improve,’ we help define the client’s story and ultimately, their customer’s life.”

Brad brings over 14 years of brand strategy and client management experience to Yalo, having developed traditional and digital marketing campaigns for global entertainment companies, Ecommerce apparel groups and professional sports leagues. Directing teams both in-house and as an agency lead, he strives to incorporate a diverse perspective into his work, to inspire and empower the collective effort in delivering bigger and better {strategy for the market}. When not in work mode, he spends in inordinate amount of time following Cleveland sports teams, crafting Spotify playlists, and getting outside to hike/garden/chase his kids.