How We Hustle: Veritiv

When the date is locked for your stock to launch and for you to ring the bell at the NYSE, there’s not a lot of wiggle room for getting your ducks in a row. While your lawyers are dotting I’s and crossing T’s, your marketing team’s in overdrive. Your branding, your website and all your communications materials need to be ready and on point. Failure is not an option.

Recently, when two of the largest distribution companies in America merged, Yalo helped launch a new $10 billion brand for their IPO. Unisource and xpedx were set to come together as Veritiv Corporation and the new company’s website would be a key piece of the communication, introducing the new brand to the world. And the big day was just three months away. Time to hustle.

If you’ve ever been part of an effort to build a new corporate website, you know you’re typically looking at several weeks to several months to design build and launch, depending on the amount of content and level of functionality that needs to be included. That’s for one site. In just 12 weeks, Yalo delivered two new SharePoint websites (from design through development), plus two new intranets — all in both English and French.

It took a dedicated team of professionals at the top of their game, best-in-class project management, flawless communication and probably a couple of the right stars aligning, but we got it all done. Failure wasn’t an option.

We don’t always take on projects with impossible deadlines, but when we do, we nail it. Think about who you want on your team next time there’s no room to fail.

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