Geeked Out!

Yalo Geeked Out last Thursday at TAG’s Geek Out On Marketing Technology conference at the Loudermilk Center in downtown Atlanta. Over 100 marketing technologists came out to hear thought leaders talk about the evolution of marketing technology through three core topics: automation, data-driven marketing, and customer experience. With multiple breakout sessions throughout the day, there was a lot of information to cover and our Yalo duo, Anne and I, soaked it up! Some of the most interesting chats centered around sales – marketing alignment and emerging tech trends. With marketing taking a bigger and bigger piece of the budget pie for company growth, the bottom line is always revenue–which makes sales & marketing alignment a critical component for success. With more marketing effectiveness also comes bigger budgets! Key takeaways:

  • Using data to build actionable marketing
  • Creating a process to nurture leads resulting from targeted marketing
  • Strengthening internal messaging between the sales and marketing teams

 And you can’t forget the key emerging trends: 

  • Machine learning–such as with Tesla’s autopilot function or Amazon’s personalized product suggestions
  • Customer data platforms–with all the different marketing technology tools companies use, there needs to more platforms to bridge these “fiefdoms” so that companies can manage their favorite marketing technologies under a larger umbrella. Or let us at Yalo handle that.
  • More automation–yes, I said more automation! With the name & email address capture being a staple for web to customer interaction, more and more companies are jumping on enhanced plug-ins such as custom 24/7 chats when their homepage is opened. 

 Overall, TAG’s Geek-Out conference provided an intelligent and thoughtful outlet for marketers to discuss the use and implementation of different technologies. My two cents (since I’m already on a roll here) is that sales & marketing teams need to be one and the same. Common goals and transparency help everyone stay focused on a shared vision, which paves the way for more team collaboration. There’s a direct line between more collaboration and stronger marketing to drive revenue. 

We’ve got our Yalo formula down pat and love new opportunities to help companies build new solutions for increased growth. Get in touch today with Yalo and let’s discuss how marketing technology, virtual events, design systems like InVision DSM & Storybook, and our other creative services can help your business to thrive 21st Century style!

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