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Understanding the challenges of designing at scale

Designing at scale.

Maintaining control of your brand identities is extremely challenging. The more people working on copy, images and development, the more inconsistencies that appear.

Protecting your brand is a choice. We believe it’s a critical one. With this in mind, Yalo has taken our experience working with creative and technical teams to deliver solutions that are scalable and failproof for global brands. Our methodology and implementation approach is thoughtful and thorough. The result is a design system that provides both the structure and the process to drive consistency and speed to market.

Streamline your workflow

The biggest part of building a solid foundation is listening to what everyone in your “house” needs today, and in the future. We know the ins-and-outs and ask the right questions to deliver a robust, scalable Design System Manager. 

Our process provides you with the design foundation required to scale quickly and efficiently. We capture your visual language from the most basic atomic design building blocks to the most advanced design components. Yalo will help you select and implement a design system manager (DSM) to provide universal access across your teams and workflows.

Yalo’s Design System Manager Approach

Design System Manager Product Selection

Implementation Strategy

Creation using Design System Best Practices

Organizational Planning (or Change Management)

Post-Implementation Support

Thorough Documentation

Is a DSM right for your company?

We recently implemented Design System Manager for a global brand company that has grown to sell in more than 175 countries. Below are four reasons why DSM was right for them–and your company:

• Accelerate time to market.
• Achieve consistency.
• Improve collaboration.
• Build user-centric design culture and maturity.

InVision DSM is a market-leading design system manager implemented by Yalo for Fortune 1000 companies. It creates a universal collaboration platform for brand owners, designers, developers, and stakeholders to share and sync every aspect of your brand identity. Leveraging our deep implementation expertise and governance experience, we use InVision DSM to build living systems that benefit multiple business functions (creative, marketing, and IT), giving your organization a new level of speed and flexibility.

Stop, collaborate and–streamline. Creating a direct link between design components and development is key to making things work harmoniously behind–and in front of–the scene. Storybook integration allows designers and developers to work in tandem on projects to streamline the process and solidify your brand.

Want to learn more?

Let’s start a conversation on how we can put InVision DSM or Storybook to work for you as a design system manager that rocks. Schedule a meeting now with Calendly, or call us directly.

Eric Cantini, VP

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