Brand Strategy Bootcamp

Bringing your brand to life through a better understanding of your organization,
customer, category and competition. 

Building A Better Brand.

We believe that the best creative and marketing efforts begin with a Brand Bootcamp to explore the brand, consumer, and category as a whole. This process ultimately provides an actionable filter for all future messaging and marketing efforts – especially when developing a new brand. 

6 Weeks and 2 Days.

Our proprietary Brand Bootcamp provides an opportunity for your brand to quickly gain focus as you position it for success. During these discovery sessions, stakeholders collaborate in a variety of exercises and discussions to help shape the brand, in both its current and future state.


We conduct an initial audit to build a clear understanding of your current brand state, potential customer segments, and the category as a whole. Our audit includes a competitive analysis as well as collecting quantitative and qualitative feedback from look-a-like customers, employees and stakeholders.

3-4 Weeks

Company Brand

Together, we will take a deeper look at your brand, including its purpose and uniqueness. This process will provide a strategic lens and guidelines to help inform decisions regarding brand message and future products.

Day 1

Category & Customer

Using your brand as the foundation, we will then look at the customer mindsets and perceptions that exist in your category, along with how competitors are positioned to meet the customer’s needs. We can then identify the most effective position for your brand and develop messaging and tactics accordingly.

Day 2

Post Bootcamp

Using the results from the 2-day session, we will refine and confirm all brand language for a final output that your team can implement.

1-2 Weeks

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