Bold Brand Tips For a Foolproof Brand

Being consistent for brands has never been more rewarded than in our current, challenging and changing world. But consistency doesn’t and shouldn’t equal boring. 

Companies and brands have a significant opportunity to drive deeper consumer action, loyalty, and advocacy to create a foolproof brand to stay relevant and increase reach no matter what happens in the world. 

Here are five tips to be consistent and create bolder, deeper and foolproof brand engagements:

Color Me Brand: Take the time for a mini brand visual and verbal refresh. Update your color palette for this Spring and Summer to use across social media and advertising. Feature bold, vibrant colors to welcome spring and wake up your feed. Bold colors visually announce a new beginning and are a subtle way to re-energize your visual assets to re-engage your customers. 

Can We Talk? Spend some time asking your customers what’s on their mind. Listen. Respond with smart, deliberate content that lets them know you hear them. Foolproof brands realize it isn’t about them, but about their customers. Start including a quick survey in your social media strategy to direct your content. Don’t be afraid to address the issues that matter to you and your customers. 

Entertain Me: A joke. A good playlist. A virtual cocktail party. Smart brands create a mix of ongoing engagement opportunities to bring their brand personality to life and entertain their customers.   

Surprise Surprise! Nothing drives stronger engagement than an unexpected surprise. Make it a practice to surprise customers in big and small ways. Go beyond liking a post of user-generated-content and ask the creator to collaborate with your brand instead. Go old-school and send a snail mail, well thought-out, curated, box of branded goodness

Socially Acceptable: Foolproof brands know that you must continuously evolve to engage with your customers. TikTok and Clubhouse are two social platforms bold brands need to be a part of and have an active presence. Partner with emerging artists and musicians to stay current and always evolve your brand engagements. 

If you are ready to take bold action, our creative team is at the ready…no foolin’.

See examples of our bold branding finesse for clients on this page. Connect with us today and let’s get your brand boosted and blooming like nobody’s business.

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