Artist of the Week: Zion Williams

Duke freshman Zion Williamson has played a major role in Duke’s on-court success this season, but his impact on the Blue Devils has been just as epic since he stepped on campus July 1. Duke basketball already had the largest social-media following among team accounts before Williamson arrived, but the combination of the two has vastly accelerated their numbers. Williamson became an Instagram star in high school, and since officially joining Duke 7.5 months ago, the school’s men’s basketball Instagram account has added 285,000 followers, according to data from Duke Athletics Creative Dir Dave Bradley. That is more than the total number of followers for every basketball program but two — UNC and Kentucky. Williamson’s Instagram account has grown even more since July, adding 680,144 followers on his personal account, a 42% increase to 2.3 million. Learn more about his social media impact and check out his Instagram to see what the hype is all about.

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