Artist of the Week: Mike Snowden

A couple weeks ago, I was in Dallas Love airport flying home. While waiting for my flight, I see a CNN special of this guy making electric cigar box guitars and I think “What a rip-off, my buddy Mike Snowden makes those.” About 3 seconds later, they show Mike’s face! We had lunch when I returned to Atlanta and the first thing he tells me is that Ozzy Osbourne came to his house last fall for the A&E show, Ozzy and Jack. He says he has been sold out ever since! Each one of this artist and musician’s handcrafted guitars is a “one of a kind” instrument possessing an original tone, feel and look. With over 1,400 guitars crafted to date, Mike’s love of music is built into each and every one. Whether you are a beginner or a long time picker these instruments are easy and fun to play providing hours of musical possibilities. Check out Snowden Guitars to see Mike’s unique story and creations.

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