A GRANDD Gesture

The holidays pose financial stress and hardship for families in ISDD‘s Project GRANDD (Grandparents Raising and Nurturing Dependents with Disabilities). Grandparents never imagined they would be raising children again, let alone children with disabilities who often have special needs.

Grandparents are thrust into this role unexpectedly, usually due to some traumatic event. Often the children have experienced neglect or abuse. Overnight, grandparents have to find a way to cope with the expenses of raising a child – especially one with health conditions – all on a fixed income. Just providing the necessities can take everything they have. 

The Project GRANDD Adopt-a-Family Program lightens the load for vulnerable families at Christmas. With your help, they provide necessities like food and clothing as well as toys for the children and something nice for the grandparents – because they are always putting themselves last. We want them to know that they are cared about too.

2022 has been a particularly difficult year for many families – please join Yalo in supporting these families in need. You can also make a donation straight to ISDD that they can use throughout the year, or get involved with them in other ways too. Thank YOU for helping to make then Season brighter for those with deeper needs!

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