5 Atlanta Locales To Hold Your Wandering Creative Eye

As a video marketing agency in Atlanta, Georgia, we love to hone our skills both in and outside the office. So with camera in tow, we captured five of our fav must-see places for filmmakers, photographers, artists and tourists.  

If you haven’t swung by in a bit, Atlanta is a living city full of hip, unique, visually vibrant stops. It’s one of many reasons Hollywood made it a movie shoot destination. Ant Man, Baby Driver, Tyler Perry’s Madea movies are just a few filmed right here. With this Big Screen lens in mind, here is our list of top visual hits to inspire creativity.  

  1. Georgia Aquarium. The Georgia Aquarium is one of the largest in the world. Featuring eight exhibits that house thousands of different animals and aquatic life. Capture live interactions at the Ocean Voyager exhibit where people can swim with whale sharks and manta rays. The Cold Ocean Waters gives you a front row seat to the coldest living ocean animals, including sea otters, penguins, harbor seals, and beluga whales. Here’s a preview of the cool hues and camera models you’ll see.   
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  1. Jackson Street Bridge. Unless you’re living in a post-apocalyptic world, you’ve seen an episode of “The Walking Dead.” The TV series, now in its 10th season, features the Jackson Street Bridge in its first promotional poster. A prominent part of Atlanta’s downtown skyline, you can visit this iconic locale to become one with the dead via Atlanta Movie Tours’ Big Zombie Tours
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  1. Fox Theatre. One of the most beloved historic Atlanta landmarks is the Fox Theatre. This premiere venue for live entertainment houses approximately 300 shows per year. Take in Broadway, comedy, rock concerts and more. The Dancing with the Stars Live Tour will also be held there this year along with classy Motown legend, Miss Diana Ross. Built in the 1920s as a Shriner Mosque, this architectural apex has domes, minarets, and a faux Arabian sky with stars.  
C:\Users\Owner\Documents\K6 Digital\fox theatre.jpg
  1. Atlanta Marriott Marquis. If you’re a film buff, you can’t bypass the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. Designed by neo-futuristic architect John Portman in 1985, this hotel was built just recently. Known for having the largest atrium in the world, this Marriott became a filming destination for multiple movies, including “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” “Flight,” and “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” Just imagine what a shutterbug or videographer with a creative eye might be able to do in its environs. We personally envision a remake of Metropolis, ourselves. Several members of the Yalo team are vying for the position of Fritz Lang. 
C:\Users\Owner\Documents\K6 Digital\atlanta marriott marquis.jpg
  1. Old Fourth Ward and the Atlanta Beltline. Some inspiration kind of creeps up on you. Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward and the Atlanta Beltline neighborhoods nip at your creative side. These hip, colorful residential areas have the best street art around. A bit of a secret with the locals (and maybe Banksy too), we’ll tell you how to get there.  Follow the Eastside Beltline Trail and you’ll encounter life-size murals and graffiti that unveil the vibrant passion of what Atlanta means to its local peeps. The upside-down alligator by muralist ROA and the Tiny Doors along the trail too are definitely something to see now, not later (gator).  
atlanta street art

We feel lucky to have these sites at our creative fingertips for video projects, photo shoots and more. See how these visual vistas have inspired our ideas for clients. Did we miss one of your fav Atlanta locales? Give us a shout so we can add it to the list!  

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